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Sunday 17 August 2014

Typical sub-station layout

Symbol for and structure and appearance of a thyristor

Principle Operation of Induction Motor

pin type Insulator

Logic Gates Symbols

Fleming's Right Hand Rule

Electronics References Sheet

Electronics References Sheet

Correct connection of plug top

Biomass to Electricity

Basic concepts of SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)

Basic Components of Power System Protection


Autotransformer motor starter

Basic structure of the electric system

timed starting of two motors

Transmission Tower Body

Typical Transformer Nameplate

Schematic symbols for common electronics and electrical components

Power circuit connection of a VFD bypass contactor

PLC wiring design

How Amplifier Works

Converter 12 VDC to 230 VAC or Inverter circuit diagram

Starter Coil,holding contact,and pushbutton

Saturday 16 August 2014

Difference b w bolt, screw and stud

Watts,Ampers,Ohms,and Volts

Synchronous vs Induction Motors

Mobile Charger Circui

MCB – Miniature Circuit Breaker

Home appliances control through TV Remote Schematic

Essential Parts of DC Machine

Converter 12 VDC to 230 VAC or Inverter circuit diagram

Complete diagram of an off-grid solar power system

Friday 15 August 2014

Breadboard kits

Selecting a Power Cable


Resistor Colour Code and Circuit Symbols

tesla top labeled

Generator Operation

Symbols of AC Motors

Dual-speed, three-phase squirrel-cage single-winding motor

Coaxial cable

Typical Body Resistance & Current Flow

Star-Delta and Delta-Star transformation

power factor correction methods

rotating magnetic field

AC Volts Test and DC Amps Tesr

Servo Control Parts

Solar Energy Collector

American Satndard Wire Gauge

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