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Tuesday 30 September 2014

construction of heater

main components of Air Conditioner

Pin Configuration of a DB-9 Connector....

Solar Panel Tracking System ..

A Solar Charge Controller

Taping of a Transformer


speaker for your laptop

Terminals of a Personal Computer

Cellphone Working

Reed Switch

Junction Diode Symbol and Static I-V Characteristics

Configuration of a Seven Segment Display

How the Hydro-Electricity is Generated

How the Solar Cell works.

Internals of a Solar Panel

Inside the iPhone

Important to know!

Very Important for an electrical engineer

One #Load , two way #control

Basic Electrical Circuit Formulas

Construction of Universal Motor

Underground cable construction

Winding #config of #Transformers



Monday 29 September 2014

DC to AC converter from NE 555 .....

B/w Ac and Dc

Types of Ports

Evolution of a Transistor

Parts identification guide

A hifi Pre-Amplifier

Construction of a Relay

Led Voltmeter

Make your own Mp3 device

set up Dc to Dc converter

What do you know about this?


Led Lamp

Switch Debounce

Control your Appliances through a Tv Remote

1 watt LED night light .....

Pin-outs for RJ45 connector

Construction of a Motor .....

Construction of a Servo Motor

NE555 Timer

Electromagnetic Induction

USB Cable

Sunday 28 September 2014

Ckt of FM Transmitter

How Lcd works

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