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Sunday 30 November 2014

you can Light 54 Leds with a Transformerless power Supply

Pin configuration of a USB


Different types of Bulbs

Graphs of Filters

A rough illustration of how electricity travels to our homes

water pump controller circuit

Hooke's Law

Clap Switch

Resistances in Parallel

Electricity Distribution

Voice Recorder

Noises that the adaptive filter learns and subtracts

Frequency Modulation

Simple wireless microphone


A simple Inverter

simple fire alarm circuit

Off grid System

Voltage Level Indicator Circuit

Pushbutton Switch For Single-Phase Appliances.

The 555 timer IC

Comparison Of AC & DC Servos

Saturday 22 November 2014

coffee maker diagram

parts of the washing machine

Main parts of a projector

Gas Lamp Diagram

How an electrical iron works?

How Microphones Work?

K-Line 133 Search Light Tower Conversion to LED lighting

Various types of Lampshades

How does projector work?

Diagram of electrical mosquito killer

Video and Audio Intercom System

How WIFI works?

main components of a Dish Satellite

the DSL modem

Digital Audio Broadcasting System

Main components of Automatic Sliding glass Doors

How bluetooth works?

Friday 21 November 2014

A diagram of refrigerator

parts of electric kettle (Boiler)

Mobile TV via Wifi

Schematic Diagram of a Typical microwave oven.

difference between CD, DVD, BD,and HD-DVD

How Satellite Internet Works?

How drying cabinet Works?

How Dishwashers work?

CD Player Components

How Satellite Dish works?

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